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Treaneva Beechly

Client Experience Associate

Treaneva spent her childhood exploring the wildlands of the South Coast of Oregon, helping her family to build a homestead in pursuit of off-grid living, and wandering the woods and oceans in search of fresh oysters and chanterelles. Living in an environment where most food was sourced locally, if not in her family's own garden, it was evident that the interconnectedness of soil and table represented a delicate balance.

While studying Social Justice and Cultures at Seattle Pacific University and spending the early years of her career working in communications and administration for start-ups in the Midwest, she found herself gravitating towards curiosity around human rights and realizing the relationship between social and food systems was challenged in the rust belt much in the same way as in the Pacific Northwest, witnessing in rural and urban communities a throughline of struggle towards food equity and sustainable access, as well as the vital importance of nutrition to the pursuit of systemic change.

Ultimately a desire to again be close to the ocean and mountains called her back to Washington state, where she found the opportunity to work for a small brand dedicated to transparency in giving practices, then directed her focus during the onset of the pandemic to nonprofit work and community needs at home in Whatcom county, providing case management for families facing housing instability. Seeing the needs of individuals rippled out farther than her own community, layered in intersectionality, and finding like-minded folks at the Non-GMO Project she enthusiastically joined in the mission!

At the Project you can find her among the CX team, excited to meet you along the way as a passionate amplifier of what impact we can achieve as co-facilitators and a community of changemakers.

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